This might sound odd, I know you might not like this. This is the reason why I pleaded from the onset.

It has been confirmed that they lied to us. I’m sorry I’ve also lied to so many people, probably you are one of those who have read my articles or listened to my speech where I encourage people never to give up.

Forgive Me! You Are Permitted to Give Up

My desire to consistently learn has pushed me to the extreme and I stumbled on what I am sharing with you now. But before then let me ask this, is it a crime to give up? Is giving up an act of cowardice? While you ponder on this. Let’s continue.

Many years ago as a normal growing child I loved to play just like other kids. I would engage in any kind of play as the spirit of childhood leads me. I had this short piece of rod I loved so much. I would always play with it and I guarded it jealously.

One fateful day I was playing with the rod with my hand stretched inside our WELL. I was swinging the rod across the surface of the water. As a kid I didn’t know the danger, I continued until my rod fell into the water. I felt so bad and I started stretching my hand in attempt to get back my rod which I could not even see.

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My baby sister was dragging me back, but I was determined to get my rod back. So I persisted and continued stretching my hand until I lost balance and fell into the deep WELL.

My kid sister ran inside and reported that I fell inside water, my mom felt it was just a waterlog. But when my sister kept crying. They came with and her and behold I was at the bottom of the well. They brought me out and I laid lifeless with my big stomach after drinking a good quantity of water.

========== Welcome back from my true life story.

I fell into the water because I refused to GIVE UP. I was so zealous and determined to get back my rod and it became my undoing. It is not everything you should hold onto.. It is not every journey that you should continue.

Most times we look so long at a closed-door that we fail to see the better one that is opened to us. GIVING UP is not an act of cowardice if you gave up on what is not profitable. Most pushing the wrong journey just because they don’t want people to mock them for GIVING UP.

A journey on the wrong direction, no matter how consistent and committed you are, cannot lead you to the right destination. Just GIVE UP. START A NEW JOURNEY. The pains will come, mockery will abound. But the eminent disaster would have been aborted by that action and decision.

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If only little Solomon knew what pains he will go through just because he refused to GIVE UP. He would have accepted defeat earlier and moved on. You know yourself, you know if you should continue or not.

People call you a coach already, you already own a community, you have mentees already. Look beyond now and avert future disgrace. Humble yourself and seek clarity. LEARN and LIVE.

So today I say, you are permitted to GIVE UP, rise again better and stronger. Give up your fears, doubts, procrastination, negative mindset and go ahead and win.

I am rooting for you to come out better.

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Until I come your way next time I remain your productivity partner.

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